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PELA RENET Secures Husqvarna First New Generation Win

Claiming his third consecutive victory in the prestigious Swedish event Pela Renet has won the 2013 Gotland Grand National in Sweden, giving Husqvarna the first win of its new era 

With the Gotland Grand National, Sweden's largest off road race, celebrating it's 30th anniversary in 2013, Renet finished first of the 2700 riders competing in the event to secure his third consecutive event win. 

Intent on launching Husqvarna 2014 model FE 450 with a winning debut Renet set about claiming an historic third consecutive win in determined style. Starting the three-hour race inside the top five, the Frenchman quickly worked his way into the lead during lap one. 

Feeling incredibly comfortable in the slippery, muddy conditions, the Husqvarna rider steadily extended his advantage over the chasing pack. Holding a two-minute lead at the end of his first fuel stop on lap three, Renet continued his unrelenting pace throughout the race to cross the finish line almost five minutes clear of his nearest rivals. 

In claiming the win Renet delivered Husqvarna a memorable and important victory. 

"It feels incredible to take my third consecutive Gotland Grand National victory in what's my first race with Husqvarna." Renet stated. "We worked hard during the week to prepare for this race and I felt very confident about what I could do on the new bike. 

"I started inside the top five and took the lead shortly afterwards. I was happy to lead the race and felt very comfortable out front. I rode at a rhythm and pace I was happy with and at the first fuel check I had a two-minute lead. After that I controlled my speed and won the race. 

"Winning here in Sweden is the perfect way to start the new Husqvarna era," he added.