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Motorbike returned to owner


THERE was no mistaking the immortal number seven emblazoned on a motorbike recovered at Cooroibah last Thursday – even though thieves had removed any trace of the name of the late motocross world champion Andrew McFarland from the 2010 KTM 450SFX.

The brother of the former world number two, Cameron McFarlane, has had the bike returned to him two months after it was stolen from his Capalaba Accessories shop MX WORLD.

The brightly coloured bike was estimated to be worth up to $18,000 at the time of the theft.

It had been used by champion rider McFarlane for just three hours prior to his tragic death during a practice lap at Victoria in May.

Brother Cameron said the bike was returned slightly worse for wear, blowing oil from the motor, and its tyres, chains and sprockets showing a distinct lack of care and attention.

“We never really expected to get it back so it’s a bonus to have it at all,” he said.

Two men have been arrested and charged in what was a joint effort by Sunshine Coast and Wynnum police, Operations Barnstormer and Ice Fox.

A 28-year-old Cooroibah man has been charged with drug offences, possession of tainted property and receiving stolen goods.

A 23-year-old Cleveland man was arrested on a charge of enter premises and committing an indictable offence.

He will appear in court on November 15.

Cameron said his brother’s famed motorbike will once again take centre stage at an in-store shrine at MX World.

“Those who stole it smashed their way in through the windows and smashed the deadbolts,” he said.

“If someone wants something badly enough nothing will stop them.

“They’ve cut his name from the stickers below the number seven but anyone in motocross knows the number seven as Andrew’s.”

The McFarlane family is battling on, with patriarch Ron the head mechanic for 2010 Australian Motocross pro lite champion PJ Larsen.

Larsen scored a win in the first round of the 2010 SuperX last weekend.