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Racerhead #51

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Finally, some of the bigger pieces are falling back into place after a very turbulent off-season. Both Chad Reed and James Stewart have been flying pretty low and off the radar for the past few months, albeit for different reasons. But both popped back up in a big way this week, and both look like they are ready to get back to the business of racing.

Reed invited Racer X's own Simon Cudby up to Castillo Ranch, where he was shaking down his new Bel-Ray-backed Honda CRF450R under his own Two Two Racing banner. He explained to Simon how his team was set up, with industry veteran Dave "Ozzy" Osterman as team manager and Lars Lindstrom as his mechanic. He will have his own rig, and he's running some very cool Shift Racing threads (which settles another off-season question). He also turned some very smooth laps on the Mark Barnett-built SX track up above Santa Barbara, which you can watch right here.
And speaking of Reed, our good friend Mark Rodgers brought up some good bench-racing ammo today. If Chad Reed wins a race this year, he will have won four seasons in a row (MX/SX) on four different bike brands. Has anyone else ever done that? If you know of someone, let us know at letters@racerxonline.com.