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Monster Energy Supercross Notes Package Anaheim 1

Supercross Class Stats: Anaheim
The first race was held on December 4, 1976, and Marty Smith won on a Honda

This race marks the 54th time the gate will drop for a Supercross class race in Anaheim

This will be the first time that Angel Stadium will not host three stops of Monster Energy Supercross

Anaheim holds the record for most Supercross class races

Supercross Class Wins by Brand: Anaheim
Honda: 19
Yamaha: 19
Kawasaki: 8
Suzuki: 7
Three different brands won Supercross class races in 2010

Only twice have three different riders won in Anaheim. In 2002, David Vuillemin, Mike LaRocco and Ricky Carmichael won the three main events. In 2010, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto won the three main events.

First-Time Winners in Anaheim
1979: Kent Howerton
1982: Donnie Hansen
1983: David Bailey
1984: Johnny O''Mara
1990: Damon Bradshaw
1993: Jeremy Mcgrath
2003: Chad Reed
2009: Josh Grant

  • Chad Reed will be racing for his seventh win in Anaheim
  • James Stewart will be racing for his eighth win in Anaheim
  • Since 1974, the winner of the opening race of the year has gone on to win the Supercross class championship 17 times
  • Since 1974, the Supercross class champion of that season finished in the top five at the opening race of the year 32 times
  • In 2002, Ricky Carmichael finished 21st at the season opener and won the Supercross class championship. That had never been done before.
  • In 2009, James Stewart finished 19th at the season opener and came back to win the Supercross class championship
  • In 1997, Jeff Emig finished sixth at the season opener and came back to win the Supercross class championship
  • In 1999 Jeremy McGrath finished seventh at the season opener and came back to win the Supercross class championship

Supercross Lites Class Stats: Anaheim 1
The first race was held February 2, 1985 and Mike Healy won on a Suzuki

This will be the 46th time the gate will drop for a Supercross Lites race in Anaheim

Supercross Lites Class Wins by Brand: Anaheim
Kawasaki: 21
Suzuki: 8
Honda: 7
Yamaha: 6
KTM: 3

Supercross Class Career Starts
Mike LaRocco: 228
Larry Ward: 189
Kevin Windham: 175
Jeremy McGrath: 173
Jeff Ward: 160
Chad Reed: 124
Tim Ferry: 120
Johnny O’Mara: 120
Ricky Carmichael: 115
Jeff Stanton: 104

Number of Supercross Class Seasons with 1 or More Starts
Mike LaRocco: 17
Jeff Ward: 14
Kevin Windham: 14
Larry Ward: 13
Jeremy McGrath: 12

Most Consecutive Supercross Class Starts
Chad Reed: 116
Jeremy McGrath: 113
Kevin Windham: 73

Most Consecutive Seasons of Winning at least 1 Supercross Class Race
Jeremy McGrath: 9
Jeff Ward: 8
Chad Reed: 7
Rick Johnson: 6
Mark Barnett: 5

All-Time Supercross Class Top Five Finishes
Mike LaRocco: 145 in 228 starts
Jeremy McGrath: 137 in 173 starts
Chad Reed: 109 in 124 starts
Kevin Windham: 106 in 175 starts
Jeff Ward: 92 in 160 starts

All-Time Supercross Class Podiums Finishes
Jeremy McGrath: 111 in 173 starts
Chad Reed: 103 in 124 starts
Ricky Carmichael: 87 in 115 starts
Mike LaRocco: 81 in 228 starts
Kevin Windham: 72 in 175 starts

All-Time Supercross Class Best Season Average Finish
Jeremy McGrath: 1996, 1.06 place average finish
Ricky Carmichael: 2001, 1.1 place average finish
James Stewart: 2007, 1.3 place average finish
Chad Reed: 2004, 1.4 place average finish
Rick Johnson: 1986, 1.5 place average finish
*In 1975, Jimmy Ellis won all four races

Most Supercross Class Race Winners and Champions on the Same Gate in a Single Race
1984, Race 4, Atlanta

Winners: 8, Johnny O’Mara, Mark Barnett, Jeff Ward, Rick Johnson, David Bailey, Ron Lechien, Bob Hannah and Broc Glover
Champions: 3, Hannah, Barnett, Bailey

1985, Race 2, Anaheim
Winners: 8, Broc Glover, Jeff Ward, Mark Barnett, Rick Johnson, Johnny O’Mara, Ron Lechien, David Bailey and Bob Hannah
Champions: 4, Hannah, Barnett, Bailey, Barnett, O’Mara

2011, Race 1, Anaheim
Winners: 7, James Stewart, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey, Kevin Windham, Josh Grant, Davi Millsaps and Ryan Villopoto
Champions: 3, Stewart, Reed, Dungey

Former Supercross Lites Class Champions on the Gate at Race 1 in 2011
12, Chad Reed, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Kevin Windham, Davi Millsaps, Ivan Tedesco, Christophe Pourcel, Jake Weimer, Trey Canard and Ryan Villopoto

Ryan Dungey became the second ever rookie in history to win the Supercross class championship. Jeremy McGrath was the first racer to accomplish this feat in 1993.

Recap of Dungey’s 2010 Supercross Class Championship Season
17 starts; Average finish: 2.5
Wins: 6
Podiums: 10
Top 5: 16
Dungey gave Suzuki their fourth Supercross class title

Recap of McGrath’s 1993 Supercross Class Championship Season
16 starts; Average finish: 2.2
Wins: 10
Podium: 12
Top 5: 15

The defending Monster Energy Supercross champion has won the opening race of the following season just 10 times, finished second seven times, finished third five times. In addition, the defending champion finished on the podium 22 times and defended the title 11 times. Ricky Carmichael is the last rider to defend his championship (2005 & 2006).

In addition to Carmichael, Bob Hannah, Jeff Stanton and Jeremy McGrath are the only riders to defend their Supercross class championship. Can Ryan Dungey defend his title?

Following Year
Year Champion Opening Race Results Title Defense

1974 Pierre Karsmakers DNR No
1975 Jim Ellis 2nd No
1976 Jim Weinert DNR No
1977 Bob Hannah 3rd No
1978 Bob Hannah 2nd Yes
1979 Bob Hannah DNR Yes
1980 Mike Bell 3rd No
1981 Mark Barnett 9th No
1982 Donnie Hansen DNR No
1983 David Bailey 4th No
1984 Johnny O''Mara 1st No
1985 Jeff Ward DNR No
1986 Jeff Stanton 7th No
1987 Jeff Ward 1st No
1988 Rick Johnson 1st No
1989 Jeff Stanton 7th No
1990 Jim Bayle 2nd No
1991 Jeff Stanton 3rd No
1992 Jeff Stanton 5th Yes
1993 Jeremy McGrath 1st No
1994 Jeremy McGrath 1st Yes
1995 Jeremy McGrath 1st Yes
1996 Jeremy McGrath 1st Yes
1997 Jeff Emig 2nd No
1998 Jeremy McGrath 8th No
1999 Jeremy McGrath 1st Yes
2000 Jeremy McGrath 1st Yes
2001 Ricky Carmichael 20th No
2002 Ricky Carmichael 2nd Yes
2003 Ricky Carmichael DNR Yes
2004 Chad Reed 16th No
2005 Ricky Carmichael 3rd No
2006 Ricky Carmichael 2nd No
2007 James Stewart 2nd No
2008 Chad Reed 3rd No
2009 James Stewart 1st No
2010 Ryan Dungey 2nd No

The winner of the opening race of the championship has gone on to win the Supercross class
title 16 times.

Year Opening Race Winner Final Position in Championship Eventual Supercross Class Champion
1974 Pierre Karsmakers 1st Pierre Karsmakers
1975 Jimmy Ellis 1st Jimmy Ellis
1976 Tony DiStefano 5th Jimmy Weinert
1977 Bob Hannah 1st Bob Hannah
1978 Jimmy Ellis 5th Bob Hannah
1979 Jim Weinert 2nd Bob Hannah
1980 Mike Bell 1st Mike Bell
1981 Kent Howerton 3rd Mark Barnett
1982 Donnie Hansen 1st Donnie Hansen
1983 David Bailey 1st David Bailey
1984 Johnny O''Mara 1st Johnny O''Mara
1985 Johnny O''mara 5th Jeff Ward
1986 Jeff Bailey 2nd Rick Johnson
1987 Jeff Ward 1st Jeff Ward
1988 Jeff Ward 3rd Rick Johnson
1989 Rick Johnson 9th Jeff Stanton
1990 Damon Bradshaw 8th J.M. Bayle
1991 Jeff Stanton 1st Jeff Stanton
1992 Mike Larocco 6th Jeff Stanton
1993 Mike Larocco 12th Jeremy McGrath
1994 Jeremy McGrath 1st Jeremy McGrath
1995 Jeremy McGrath 1st Jeremy McGrath
1996 Jeremy McGrath 1st Jeremy McGrath
1997 Greg Albertyn 5th Jeff Emig
1998 Sebastian Tortelli 10th Jeremy McGrath
1999 Ezra Lusk 2nd Jeremy McGrath
2000 Jeremy McGrath 1st Jeremy McGrath
2001 Jeremy McGrath 2nd Ricky Carmichael
2002 David Vuillemin 2nd Ricky Carmichael
2003 Chad Reed 2nd Ricky Carmichael
2004 Chad Reed 1st Chad Reed
2005 Kevin Windham 3rd Ricky Carmichael
2006 James Stewart 2nd Ricky Carmichael
2007 James Stewart 1st James Stewart
2008 Chad Reed 1st Chad Reed
2009 Josh Grant 4th James Stewart
2010 James Stewart 20th Ryan Dungey