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Round 1 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim - January 8


Round 1 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim - January 8


Ryan Villopoto wins opening round of Supercross 2011, an AMA / FIM World Championship at Angel Stadium of Anaheim! Josh Hansen wins opening round of Supercross West Region Lites class, as Monster Energy Pro-Circuit Kawasaki sweeps the podium!

450 Supercross Results
1. Ryan Villpoto KAW
2. Ryan Dungey SUZ
3. James Stewart YAM
4. Trey Canard HON
5. Chad Reed HON
6. Kevin Windham HON
7. Ivan Tedesco KAW
8. Brett Metcalfe SUZ
9. Josh Grant HON
10. Andrew Short KTM
11. Kyle Chisholm YAM
12. Nick Wey YAM
13. Kyle Regal YAM
14. Mike Alessi KTM
15. J Thomas SUZ
16. Justin Brayton YAM
17. C Blose KAW
18. M Boni KAW
19. Davi Millsaps YAM
20. T Hahn YAM
450 Point Standings
Ryan Villopoto 25
Ryan Dungey 22
James Stewart 20
Trey Canard 18
Chad Reed 16
Kevin Windham 15
Ivan Tedesco 14
Brett Metcalfe 13
Josh Grant 12
Andrew Short 11
K Chisholm 10
Kyle Regal 9
Nick Wey 8
Mike Alessi 7
J Thomas 6
Justin Brayton 5
C Blose 4
M Boni 3
Davi Millsaps 2
T Hahn 1
250 West Results
1. Josh Hansen KAW
2. Broc Tickle KAW
3. Tyla Rattray KAW
4. Martin Davalos SUZ
5. Cole Seely HON
6. Ryan Morais SUZ
7. Ken Roczen KTM
8. T Baker HON
9. N Paluzzi YAM
10. Eli Tomac HON
11. A Balbi KAW
12. B Evans KAW
13. K Cunningham YAM
14. R Marmont KTM
15. C Gilmore KAW
16. B Rutherford KAW
17. T Bright HON
18. D Tedder KAW
19. C Craig HON
20. T Inglalss HON
250 West Point Standings
Josh Hansen 25
Broc Tickle 22
Tyla Rattray 20
Martin Davalos 18
Cole Seely 16
Ryan Morais 15
Ken Roczen 14
T Baker 13
N Paluzzi 12
Eli Tomac 11
A Balbi 10
B Evans 9
K Cunningham 8
R Marmont 7
C Gilmore 6
B Rutherford 5
T Bright 4
D Tedder 3
C Craig 2
T Ingalls 1

Angel Stadium

It was a beautiful afternoon in southern California. And now, the top supercross racers in the world get ready to battle Saturday night in Anaheim.

250 West Heat 1 - first race of 2011 Supercross! The holeshot goes to number 20 - Pro Circuit rider Broc Tickle! Also in this race - Ryan Morais on Suzuki, Tyla Rattray is his first season of supercross, and Eli Tomac is his first season of supercross.

Lap time round around 1 minute 2 seconds for the fastest guys

The top three in this six lap heat - Tickle first, Morais second, Tomac third, Rattray fourth.

Tyla Rattray makes his AMA Supercross debut.

250 Heat 2 - Hole-shot goes to Josh Hansen number 100 on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki! This race has Josh Hansen winning, N. Paluzzi second, T Baker third, and GP racer Ken Roczen fourth in his first ever AMA Supercross.

450 Heat 1 - hole-shot to Justin Brayton! Team mate Davi Millsaps is second ... but Kevin Windham moving into point position right away. Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey is back in fifth.

At the end of this eight lap heat race, it's number 10 Justin Brayton. Kevin Windham second, Ryan Dungey third, and Davi Millsaps fourth in his first race for Joe Gibbs Racing.

Bubba's first supercross race in almost a year.

450 Heat 2 - it's Ryan Villopoto with 'attitude' out front. He's followed by Brett Metcalfe ... but here comes James Stewart and Chad Reed!

Villopoto is leading, but it's James Stewart with some attitude. He's right on Ryan's back tire! Oh the lap six, Stewart makes the pass on Villopoto! At the finish of this eight lap race, with the fastest guys running 57 second lap times. its Stewart with the win. Villopoto second, Metcalfe third, and Chad Reed fourth.

Josh Hansen wins heat 2 and the 250 main event.

250 West Main Event - 20 riders. 15 laps. Broc Tickle number 20 is the first lap leader, followed by team-mate Josh Hansen number 100. Both on Pro Circuit Kawaski's. Third is another Pro Circuit Kawasaki team-mate of theirs - 2008 World MX 2 Champion Tyla Rattray.

Hansen moves around team-mate Tickle and into the lead. It's Pro Circuit Kawasaki 1, 2 3 with Hansen, Tickle and Rattray. Ken Roczen finishes his first Supercross main event in 7th place.

Monster Energy Pro-Circuit Kawasaki sweeps the podium. (L-R) Tyla Rattray, Josh Hansen & Broc Tickle.

Supercross Main Event - 20 laps - 20 riders. It's Ivan Tedesco in first! Followed closely by Ryan Villopoto. Suzuki team mates Brett Metcalfe are battling in third and fourth. Then Kevin Windham, Josh Grant, Mike Alessi, Davi Millsaps, Trey Canard. Stewart ninth. Reed 12th.

On lap four, Ryan Villopoto moves into the lead! And over the next few laps, a lot of position changes! On lap ten - it's  Villopoto leading, Dungey by almost ten second has moved into a distant second, Trey Canard is third. James Stewart is next, then Ivan Tedesco, then Kevin Windham, followed by Chad Reed.

Ryan Villopoto cruises for an easy victory in A1.

On lap 13, Stewart has passed Trey Canard. The running order is - Villopoto first, Dungey second, Stewart third, Canard, Tedesco, Windham, Reed, Metcalfe, Josh Grant, Andrew Short, Kyle Chisholm, Nick Wey, Kyle Regal, Mike Alessi and J Thomas.

At the finish - Ryan Villopoto has won the opening round of Supercross 2011! 2010 Champion Ryan Dungey finishes second. And James Stewart third. Trey Canard fourth, Chad Reed fifth, and then Kevin Windham.

(L-R) James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto & Ryan Dungey.

What does this all mean? Well, a few things. Ryan Villopoto is 100% healthy and at full race speed. Ryan Dungey is there every week, and second is good, especially in a long series that is just starting. James Stewart finished third in what is really his first supercross race in almost a year. Trey Canard is now full time 450 Supercross class, and fourth place is a good showing. Chad Reed is on a new team, of which he is also 'owner', and on a new bike - Honda. Fifth is not bad in their first showing.

Looking forward to the next race - next Saturday in Phoenix!

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